Keep your drinks hot or cold, tumblers never get old!

In 2018, after being asked by our photography clients to make props and shirts for sessions, we decided to open Sweet as Honey Vinyl Creations. We first started with vinyl t-shirts, car decals, signs, etc. I still do my photography as well.   Check me out www.photographyles.com.  At the beginning of 2020, after much research and watching tutorials, we made the jump into epoxy tumblers. There was a fascination with all things glitter and being able to make custom orders. After over a year of working with epoxy, we found out from our fertility specialists that I needed to step away from the vapors that epoxy caused. I was confused on what I would move to next. The gears started turning and research started happening and I found sublimation. 

Welcome to the new and improved era of our company. We decided that since we no longer work with vinyl to rebrand into Sweet as Honey Treasures. 

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There are many parts to what makes us work smoothly.

Laura and James Fountain


Head Paper Shredder


Advertising Director

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